Andy Jamieson
Andy Jamieson

Andy Jamieson

Founder of Advisr

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Andy Jamieson. For 20+ years I’ve been working to connect customers and brands together via digital channels. Currently, I’m the founder of Advisr, a platform that connects SMEs with an insurance broker they can trust. WE bring together a large audience and give insurance brokers the tools to get themselves into market easily via the Advisr platform.

1. What was the journey that brought you to your current role?

I’ve worked in Digital Marketing for over 20+ years. Initially at eBay, buying advertising from Google when Google’s entire global team consisted of 5 people. After eBay, I moved to Fairfax and worked across their classified sites –, and

In 2007, I started a digital marketing agency called Switched On Media where we worked with big media, ecommerce and financial services companies. In 2012, STW/WPP acquired Switched on Media and now, Switched On is part of the leading global agency group, AKQA.

2. How do you get things done?

I find it important to capture what needs to be done and filter for what is important. Then I try to focus on the important areas.

A few tips I try to follow:
1: Follow up quickly – I try to put the ball back into the other persons side of the court
2: Under 2 mins, then get it done now.
3: Take the next step, rather than worry about getting all the steps worked out before moving.

3. Who are your role models and why?

I love biographies of business, political and social leaders. So I have a few role models.

Obama – for his eloquence and ability to connect with people.
Branson – for his marketing genius and challenging the status quo in numerous sectors.

Australian business leaders:
Kerry Stokes – for building business over decades and for his support for the war memorial and in particular his role with VCs.

John Singleton – for creating Singleton Ogilvy Mather, a partnership between a major US ad agency and an Aussie business. A later iteration called STW acquired my digital agency. So thanks, John!

Simon Griffiths – found of Who Gives A Crap, making toilet paper that changes the world!

4. What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

Marketing is more about understanding the other person; their wants, needs, desires, ambitions and what drives them, than it is about getting your message straight or simply focusing on yourself. Position yourself, your business in their world and talk to that, bend to that.

With Insurance we need to work out how to help customers to fall in love with the product or service, reduce friction and complexity and well make it something customers love to talk about.

5. What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

Customer data and its true value will be understood and regulated.

Customers will be easily able to control their information and take it with them between financial and insurance providers.

The big tech companies will come under attack and may lose some of their shine, but they won’t be broken up and will still dominate.

Insurance brokers and the value of good trusted advice will become even more critical.

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