Christoph Wagner
Christoph Wagner

Christoph Wagner

CEO of Scanbot

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Who are you and what do you do?

Hi. I’m Christoph and since 2016 I’m the CEO of Scanbot, a B2B mobile scanning and data extraction solution. I have more than 15 years of experience in digital business by successfully leading and founding digital companies.

1. What was the journey that brought you to your current role?

Coming from Stuttgart, I’ve started working for Mercedes after finishing my MBA. In their High Potential program, I’ve gained lots of experience in how massive corporations work. Shortly after, the Startup scene garnered my attention and I decided to leave the corporate world behind. Working for and co-founding startups in Vienna, London, and Hong Kong, got me a ton of hands-on experience and now put me into the position as CEO of Scanbot.

2. How do you get things done?

Time is our most valuable resource. You’re always short of time, that’s why you should definitely spend it consciously. To reflect and improve, I keep track of everything I do and regularly review if where I actually spent my time aligns with my priorities. The practice really opens your eyes and quickly identifies time sinks.

3. Who are your role models and why?

In terms of getting ideas with a potential for an outsized impact off the ground and scaling them definitely Elon Musk.

4. What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

I wish every industry would see the immense potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re solving many problems where standard algorithms would be too limiting, complicated, or biased. And every industry has tons of potential to solve hard problems.

5. What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

Fueled through the pandemic, a lot of sectors will become digital-native. Apps will be the number one communication channel, marketing will be done on Instagram and TikTok and insurance packages will become more granular. Like insuring your car with a premium package on the go when traveling or just insuring your phone from water damage. Claims processing will see huge uplifts through automation and shorter communication turnaround times. Everything will be different, but everyone has the potential to thrive in this new era. It’s more than ever important to build a customer-centric business.

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