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Tal Daskal

CEO & Co-Founder at EasySend | Leading Digital Transformation in Insurance and Financial Services

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Who are you and what do you do?

Tal Daskal is the CEO and Co-Founder at EasySend, a SaaS company with a no-code development platform for insurance companies and financial services based in Tel Aviv, New York, and Germany. Tal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector.

1. What was the journey that brought you to your current role?

Tal Daskal is an innovation and digital transformation leader, taking EasySend from an idea to a thriving startup with 70+ employees and 45+ enterprise customers in Germany, North America, and Israel. After working in one of the largest insurance companies in Israel, Tal saw first hand the extent of the problem that paperwork and manual processes create in insurance.

EasySend – Solving the paper paradox in insurance and banking
Financial enterprises must collect data from customers to fuel core business processes that directly impact the bottom line. However, customer data collection is often managed with primitive digital tools, such as PDFs, or even paper forms that require extensive manual data entry and processing. These outdated methods result in out-of-control operational costs, high error rates, and subpar customer experience that result in lost revenue opportunities. Enterprises must digitize their forms as soon as possible, yet coding and maintaining customer data collection forms at the enterprise-scale is a challenge that most IT departments are still failing to resolve. That is why in 2016, Tal co-founded EasySend, along with Omer Shirazi and Eran Shirazi, with the vision of transforming the way insurers interact with their customers.

2. How do you get things done?

Work hard, play hard Work hard, but remember to enjoy the journey.

3. What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

No-code development is the future of enterprise applications. No-code software allows enterprises to face emerging needs with fast time-to-market and agility. No-code allows enterprises to solve business problems, gain a competitive edge, increase employee productivity, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

4. What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

No-code development is the future of enterprise applications and software development.

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